Old Photoes from the Aviator Workshop, Nørholmsvej, Aalborg
Recieved from Gert Frikke, Aalborg

I still need any Informations about some of the Photoes. If you have Informations about the Photoes, please send them to me, and I will put them on this Page. OBH




Can anyone tell anything about this? I think, the Primary was a SG 38, belonging to the Glider Club "Aviator".





Who are the Persons on the Photo? And when was it taken?

The Girl is perhaps the same Person, sitting in the Frontseat in the 2 G

In the Background to the right is the Danish Air Force Baby 94-942, and the Baby to the left is OY-BUX.








A Bergfalke can be used for many different things, here it is used as a temperer home for the Dog, belonging to Svend Vestergaard.





Bergfalke II OY-AXP landing in EKYT (Aalborg Airport)

The 21th. February 1961 the Club sold the Beregfalke to a new Owner in England.
The english Registration was BGA 2571/ ECD






OY-AXP Bergfalke II ovehead Egholm near AFB Aalborg, the Photo is taken from the military KZ VII, stationed on the Base.





OY-AXP in aerotow behind a KZ VII from AFB Vandel






Built in Søborg, København (Copenhagen) no. 5, registrated the 11th. September 1950 to the Glider Club "Aviator", where it served as the first solo Plane.
Appr. 1060 it was involved in a crash in the Lønstrup Area during a Landing. Underneath the Picture is written, that the Glider is a Record Plane. Well, the Records were smaller in this Dayes. The Glider was repaired, and the 3th. June 1060 P. W. Franzen bought the Plane, and from the 5th. December 1960 Chr. "Pliir" Østergaard, Ikast was the Owner.
Two years later the 5th. December 1962 is Aarhus Svæveflyveklub registrated as Owner of the Glider, which the Aarhus pilots managed to crash completly at AFB Tirstrup the 3th. July 1966.


Frank-Dieter Lemke, Berlin tells me, that this Photo was taken during the Test Flights with the Prototype of the new Glider Lom 58/II Libelle-Laminar, which was registrated as DM-2599. After finishing the Test Flights the Libelle-Laminar was rebuild as a normal Libelle.
In the Seat is the Test Pilot Kurt Götze. He was at that time working as Sales Manager and Test Pilot in the Glider Factory: VEB Apparatebau Lommatzsch near Meissen. He is still alive and more than 80 years old.
The Reporter is Hans-Joachim Wolfram, he too is well on in years. He is in Germany well known for his Television Programme, "Aussenseiter - Spitzenreiter".


On the Backside of the Photo this is written.






The danisk registrated Lom Libelle OY-XAE is here seen overhead AFB Aalborg. The Pilot was P. W. Franzen. And the photo was taken by Balslev.





A Glider construction from Engineer Nielsen.

Engineer has constructed the Glider, which had a very short Life Time. During some Tests in appr. 5 m over the Ground it came out of Control and crashed so badly, that it could not be repaired, as fas as I know.




OY-125, 2 G.
The 2-seater Primary was built in Copenhagen in 1951 and registrated the 8th. November 1951 to the Glider Club "Aviator".
Cancelled from the Registre the 5th. July 1954, when the Primary was sold ti Norway. The norwegian Registration was LN-GGI. We do not know anything about Plane, since it left Denmark. The Person in the Wingtip id perhaps Svend Westergaard. The Girl in the frontseat is perhaps the later Wife to Svend, she was called "Søs".


This Photo is only here because of the Persons. We would like to hear about the Names of the Persons.






A former Lord Mayor from Aalborg in the front Seat. In the bach Seat is sitting Jesper Mølbak.



Rolf Algotson, Sverige beretter:
Bilden är från början/mitten av 1950-talet och tagen på Ålleberg. De två herrarna vid naesen på en Weihe är en gammal känd pilot: Olle Bergendahl (i vit mössa) och den då nyblivne Ållebergschefen Lennart Ståhlfors.

The Photo is taken in the first Part of the fifties at Aalleberg, Sweden.
On the left Side of the Weihe are Olle Bergendahl (with the white Cap) and the new Chief of Aalleberg Lennart Ståhlfors. In the background is seen one of the Babies from Aalleberg and an Olympia (SE-SAE or SE-SAF)