Welcome to the DaSK homepage.

The Danish Vintage Gliding Club (DaSK) was established in 1988 with domicile at the Danish National Centre in Arnborg. The purpose of the club is, shortly described, to secure, that historical gliding effects will be restored, kept safe and well preserved.
Besides to gain an insight into the past via histories, anecdotes and a description of some of the former driving forces, originals, we also hope, that this homepage can give inspiration and desire to join the work in DaSK in order to preserve the history for the generations to come.
There still live many former glider pilots, we wish to get in touch with. Many of those persons have for sure some funny stories to tell from the past, when they were an activ part of Danish glider activities.
We also know for sure, there excist a lot of photoes from events. It will be a great pleasure for us to be able to show those photoes here in our homepage.
So, if you have any knowledge about the above, please give us a tipp-off.

The Danish Vintage Gliding Club is attached to the Danish Glider Association.